Matt Reeves Batman shows a lot of baddies, here are all the details

Matt Reeves Batman shows a lot of Villains, here are all the details
Source: Hollywood Reporter

Matt Reeves Batman shows a lot of Villains, here are all the details

Batman is one of the few films with so many secrets and twists. This film is created and directed by Matt Reeves. Do your fans have a question about the villains the Dark Knight faces?

When the fans were surprised, there are several bad guys. This information was revealed by Matt Reeves as part of the Creative Space interview with Lesley Goldberg, editor of West Hollywood TV at The Hollywood Reporter.

Several bad guys on the way!
Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho!
This exit from THR told Reeves that he can not win Batman without really having the right rogues. He also said that there will be these rogue galleries.

Have you seen many bad guys in movies? Matt Reeves says:
But who will participate in the cast? Matt responded and the process of recruiting actors soon began and Warner Bros. or DC Studios have not yet announced the release date of the movie, but he said Matt could anticipate the release. May be late spring or summer 2021.

Matt Reeves talks about bringing a lot of bad guys into the movie!
Then Reeves was silent when it was time to answer if the cast of the next film was a new or an old canvas the public had already seen.

But when he was pressured a bit more, he showed Joshgad’s reaction to Twitter bullying. They were interpreted by the fans as actors who are committed to playing the penguin, a classic villain.

Reeves loved Josh Gad and said his son had the same grade as Gad’s daughter. He added that they are good friends.


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