Hospital workers said they mourned their mother for “suppressing noise” when a newborn died

Hospital workers said they mourned their mother for "suppressing noise" when a newborn died
Source: The Sun

Hospital workers said they mourned their mother for “suppressing noise” when a newborn died

The mother talks about the hospital’s obstetricians, who suffered from the scandal and advised them to “suppress noise” as the newborn died in her arms.
A devastated woman who was identified only as a mother 19 did not leave her baby long after having difficulties during birth.

The annoyed sweetheart accompanied, and the staff shed tears and said the last farewell. The staff said, “If you do not suppress the noise, you have to go.”

Their amazing testimony is part of a report on the catastrophic failure of a child unit operated by Shrewsbury and the Telford Hospital NHS Trust (SATH).

The past week has been partially leaked and has revealed that over 600 allegations of shocking inferior care have been categorized.

A report written by obstetrician Donna Ockenden revealed the deaths of 42 babies and 3 mothers between 1979 and 2017, and 51 other babies were deprived of oxygen during birth. I later experienced brain damage.

Since the beginning of last Tuesday, new cases have been added and in the future more than 200 families will appear.

The investigation began after the fight between Ryannon and Richard Stanton Davis, whose daughter Kate died shortly after birth in 2009, and Cary and Collingriffith, whose daughter Pippa died in 2016 shortly after birth.

And Ockendens report contains more frightening testimony from grieving families who have chosen to remain anonymous.

These include those of Mother 19, who provided new evidence on how the daughter died “after a brain injury following a birth trauma” on the day the mother was born.

In the report, she says: That’s how you learn to live regularly.

“It changes the whole picture of you and your life, you’re not the same person anymore.”

Another surprising case mentioned in the report is the case of Father 7, whose child died shortly after birth.

He recalled that a member of the maternity staff said, “The way to overcome this is to challenge again and give birth to another baby.”

Father 7 said, “I actually took it out of the room because I wanted to strangle X (the staff in question).”

It is reported that the investigation assumes that the results will be reported before criminal matters are investigated.


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