A student abused by a moving car met his fate


A student abused by a moving car met his fate


A student abused by a moving car met his fate
Source: Newsweek

It is reported that a 24-year-old student was moved by a 26-year-old man and physically abused by car. This activity was also recorded on Sunday, November 24, by a friend in the Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh. The police told me.

Sanjiv Kumar, a staff member at the new Mandi house Station, said the victim, a BSc student, was ambushed with Subodh and his two friends in the street when he left for college on Saturday morning from home.

According to a complaint made by the girl’s uncle, she was put on a gun and forced into a car that was filled with addictive substances.

The complaint alleged that Subodh had physically abused her in a moving car while the act was being recorded by his friend.

A few hours later, the victim was left behind at their university and feared terrible consequences in reporting the incident.

According to SHO Kumar, the police have filed an incident against Subodh and his two friends. Their names have not yet been confirmed.

SHO added that the victim had moved to the city of Muzaffarnagar because the victim had moved with the family and repeatedly harassed Subod.

In another case in the district, a 22-year-old woman was apparently molested by two men on Saturday while working on a farmland near the village of Narottampur Majra village, Titawi Police Station.

The girl’s uncle complained that the duo was trying to pull her into a nearby sugar cane field, but she warned. When the girl’s family tried to stop the duo, the defendant said they shot her and fled.


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