The director of “End Game” explains why Hulk was injured in Infinity Gauntlet


The director of “End Game” explains why Hulk was injured in Infinity Gauntlet


The director of "End Game" explains why Hulk was injured in Infinity Gauntlet

Avengers: The director of the final is still working on some questions about the last chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Infinity World. Above all, the fans worry about the incredible Hulk and his fate!

Finally, we met him at Tony Stark’s funeral. He wore an infinity glove to stop the genocide of the 2018 infinity war. However, Hulk’s courageous action cost him a lot because the blues banner permanently damaged his arms.

This permanent injury was a surprise for the fans, as the Hulk has never seen a permanent injury when a bomb fell on his head or was stabbed by someone with a striking weapon. Therefore, arm injuries were a bit difficult for the fans to understand.

Co-director Joe Russo commented on Hulk’s injury and said the injury helped highlight the character’s strength before all Infinity Stones were used. I know that Sanos is more powerful than Hulk.

Russo said wearing a glove that controls the universe is an absolutely painful experience. Destroy the most powerful creatures and creatures in these movies forever. Very few people can actually survive when they wear it, he said.

Towards the end of the infinity war, we discovered that Sanos’ arms apparently worsened after wearing the glove. This clearly shows that the damage to Hulk is even worse.

Ryan Meinerding, head of visual development at Marvel Studios, said it was important that Hulk suffer from the results because he reversed the Sanos snapshot.

Avengers: At the end of the game, Hulk’s arms were still in poor shape, and I thought it was time for the fans to say goodbye to the superhero business. Hulk can give his slot a new character.


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