The best design for three more Star Trek movies


The best design for three more Star Trek movies


The best design for three more Star Trek movies
Source: Syfy Wire

The launch of Star Trek movies has slowed down since Beyond in 2016, and the original Star Trek 4 plan did not work. However, a week ago it was reported that the fourth passage of the relaunch arrangement was on its way and Fargo and Corps maker Noah Holy S.J. Clarkson as a leader. In addition, by re-positioning objects, Paramount prompts Paramount to take two steps in succession. In any case, all three new trekking movies start here.

A similar person reported that Bill Murray has returned to Ghostbusters 3 and started a scream reboot. Two of them were confirmed that the studio will perform after the release of 4 Star Treks 5 and 6 Show that you are determined. We realized that Paramount wanted to include a big blockbuster in the book, as some adventures had not been planned lately (eg Eliminator: Dark Fate). With that in mind, you’ll need to restart the brand and create three more movies.

Initially, Star Trek 4 was set up to highlight the arrival of Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk. Unfortunately, although the agreements were shared with Hemsworth and Chris Pine. However, it seems to have worked for Pine. Hemsworth’s Star Trek 4 is described as coming back so I can not say anything about Hemsworth.

Pine Kirk and his team are also expected to star in Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming film R-rate Star Trek. However, this is a completely independent task of Star Trek 5 and 6 above. In light of this, the film producer puts his efforts to work in a series of Kelvin events, but since it’s free, there can be a common accord there.

For the time being, I do not know if Holly will stay in 5 and 6 or if his arrangement will have the status of Tarantino and the vision for setting up Star Trek will be finalized in a movie. In any case, we will continue to update you if you hear more.


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