Rise Of Skywalker Script almost sold on eBay


Rise Of Skywalker Script almost sold on eBay

Rise Of Skywalker Script almost sold on eBay
Source: Wired

The expected level of the movie Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker knows that an actor who uploaded a screenplay on eBay got confused after a sloppy action. This information was provided by J.J. Abrams, the director of the film.

This mess in the cinema occurred when a space opera star left the screenplay without entering the hotel room without worrying about anything. It was reported that this event was held in Los Angeles.

Director Abrams said the actor had been found by someone who left a very valuable script under the bed and later cleared the room. J.J. Abrams claims that the script was handed over to another person and resold on eBay.

Interviewed millions of times, Abram talked about who did this action and what led to the leak of the screenplay. Nevertheless, the fans of Adam Driver or Daisy Ridley are questioned. The fans believe that this was because the supporting actor was never provided with a screenplay. This information is published by Entertainment Weekly.

Fortunately, Disney was able to circumvent the disaster of Princess Leia, disturb the plan and lead to the Death Star. Thanks to the staff who can identify a script that git uses on an online auction site, buys it before selling it to others, and distributes it the same way on the web.

For this reason, the spill was particularly annoying in the face of Disney and extremely difficult for the protection of the details of the plot.

Abrams said that the studio was really scared and nervous about what might come out. He said he only delivered a small number of copies on paper that could not be copied crazy to avoid leaks.


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