Man lapsed later licked by his dog


Man lapsed later licked by his dog


1823/5000 Man lapsed later licked by his dog
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The German has expired and his dog is being persecuted by his death. The dog did not bite or attack the man, just licked it. This strange story is the subject of a new publication in the European Journal of Internal Medicine and a big warning for pet owners.

The man went to the doctor for the first time after having fever and shortness of breath for three days. His condition continued to deteriorate as the medical staff tried to find the cause of the symptoms. Eventually his doctor narrowed down to a simple leak of his only pet, a dog.

This man was infected with Capnosite Faga Cranimorsus. This is a normal bacterium for pets that can infect individuals. Infection rarely occurs, but when infected it usually bites. This is more common in people with weakened immune systems. The fact that this person was not bitten but only licked and otherwise healthy gave a particularly strange case.

When the doctor discovered the bacteria, he intensified the antibiotic regimen he had been using for four days. His health continued to worsen and the infection spread throughout his body with his limbs, causing tissue death in his arms and legs. His brain swelled and his stomach scan showed that the blood flow was blocked by several organs.

His parents and doctor decided to stop treatment and the man died of the infection 16 days after starting treatment.

Such problems are rarely strange again. However, if you keep a dog or a cat, you have a single medical risk. Every pet owner should know that.


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