A woman in Chicago has missed a cat call and forced her to choke


A woman in Chicago has missed a cat call and forced her to choke


A woman in Chicago has missed a cat call and forced her to choke
Source: Yahoo

An Indian-American teenage student was arrested by the perpetrator until he died because he did not allow conversation or cat calls with him. She was pulled into the back seat of the car and physically attacked. The prosecutor said.

The terrible details began during the trial of 26-year-old attacker Donald Thurman, who was charged with the first negligence and assault of 19-year-old Ruth George.

The prosecutor said on Tuesday that Thurman had admitted the crime and ordered him to be detained without bail.

George is originally from Hyderabad, was a student at the University of Illinois in Chicago and died on Saturday in a family car on campus carport. The prosecution decided her death as a murder by choking.

Cook Murder prosecutor James Murphy said Thurman, who did not answer the cat’s call, was angry when George left the campus for the parking lot on Saturday. Then he went behind George to Carport.

Thurman wanted to tell George, “I thought she was beautiful.” She did not return. That annoyed him. He had been kicked behind her and put in chalk until she stopped, the prosecutor said on bail during the hearing.

As a result, Thurman pulled her out of probation in the back seat of the car. Murphy said he hit her and put her on the car seat.

In December of last year, he was released after serving two years in a six-year armed robbery in 2015. His next trial is scheduled for December 16.

Meanwhile, George’s family said in a statement that he was not angry with the perpetrators. “But we believe that no other girl is harmed this way and the mother does not experience this type of heartbreak.”

“Russian loved and served others and believed deeply in Jesus and gave her a legacy of tenderness and sacrifices that were aimed at Christ,” said the family. She added that she was the beloved child of our family.

George’s University said she is a Sof and Kinesiology Major.


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