Former Bill Clinton Pilot arrested on charges of child abuse

Former Bill Clinton Pilot arrested on charges of child abuse
Source: Vox

Steven Robert Setzer, a retired US Marine Corps pilot who once accompanied former President Bill Clinton in Marine One’s group, has been in prison for a long time after being arrested for child molestation. Yes

Setzer was arrested in May for child abuse of minors, seduction of children for rebellious purposes, legal harassment and attacks on frustrated youth. He had to close Strategic Moves, his airship sanctioning organization, as clients were lost after his detention.

In a report in Rowan County, North Carolina, the latest information on gathering and its associated costs was released on Thursday.

The report became clear because the organization of Setzer was dealt with the following year, after Setzer had been charged and criticized for the miserable exploitation of minors.

As Setzer’s story shows, he has made numerous adjustments to deploy Clinton jets around the world. Setzer assured him that he had learned accurate, gentle and loving care.

You can think of the details that Sc Willy needed to get Cesar to take care of Marine One aboard.

Clinton is one of the influential individuals allegedly involved in Epstein’s illegal child abuse network.

The summaries of physical aggressors and abusers in the context of democratic legislation are clearly endless. By the way, marshes run as far as anyone could have imagined.


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