Summary of “Walking Dead,” Season 10, Episode 6: Who Communicated Eugene Wirelessly?

Summary of "Walking Dead," Season 10, Episode 6: Who Communicated Eugene Wirelessly?
Josh McDermitt as Dr. Eugene Porter in ‘The Walking Dead’ Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

Summary of “Walking Dead,” Season 10, Episode 6: Who Communicated Eugene Wirelessly?

What happens to new humans in The Walking Dead Universe after living for years between undead is like a blessing and a curse. If someone had survived that for so long, he might have done it very well. How exactly did they prevent unusual pedestrian bites after that time? Where are they hiding? And how many living people were actually killed to reach that point, which was very important after 28 days?

Basically nobody can rely on the face value. But if the walking dead has a person who prioritizes fraud rather than just following the rules of this dark new world, then it is a poor old Eugene. Like him, or because he hates him, dismissed doctors have been showing devices and disasters for many years, unrequited love interests that blur the rustic charm of the South. He also remembers and was ultimately responsible for the fall of Negan and the Savior of Season 8.

Who is on the radio at Eugene?

Eugene noticed that after touching a mysterious new survivor in his pimped radio, he launched a new Season 10 plot in “Bond” (he was a rundown Soviet satellite somehow finished with parts of (seasonal) corn ) When Eugene founded the official Hill Top AV Club, he joined a nameless woman and made several unsuccessful attempts before finally answering all his channel calls backstory) persuaded her to share certain facts: they do this, for example, through a shared intimacy with Strasburg, Pennsylvania, where Eugene’s nerd enjoys and where the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum was located.

Her sweet interactions are evidenced by the hot episode, and human kindness is somewhat perceived in the fierce dystopia. But despite her kindness, she knows that Eugene is not completely reliable. Who says he is not a threat? Or is she a threat to him? And the woman agrees to Eugene’s request to speak on the radio, but there are conditions. We can not inform others about this secret friendship.


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