A jury of the Osceola District Court has ruled that a Navy veteran who killed two police officers in Florida should be sentenced to death.

A jury of the Osceola District Court has ruled that a Navy veteran who killed two police officers in Florida should be sentenced to death.
Source: Orlando Sentinel

The Osceola County Court panel concluded Wednesday that the marine veterinarian who killed two police officers in Florida should be convicted.

48-year-old Everett Glenn Miller was charged with murder in September for killing a Kissimmee officer sergeant in August. Richard “Sam” Howard (36 years), officer Matthew Baxter (26 years).

Eventually, the judge will decide whether to honor the unanimous condemnation of Julys death sentence on December 20, or to sentence Miller to life imprisonment.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Baxter conducted a regular inspection of three people in August 2017, and Miller advised them to ask why Baxter was “children of others.” Baxter asked Howard for help. According to the prosecution Miller pulled out the firearms after the controversy and shot both members of the Legion head and face. He was later held at the bar.

Miller’s Board argued that Marine Corps veterans suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and suffered from mental disorders in the summer of 2017.

Colleagues, friends, and family promised that Miller had a successful career, and when Miller quit his defense contract and focused on enemy fighters in a drone attack, it caused confusion. A few months before the murder, Miller lost his job at a packaging company, became homeless and broke away from his lover. He pleaded guilty to murdering an innocent bystander.

Commands refer to murder, Miller makes people who know him in anti-government and criminal social media offices, talking about white men and embracing unarmed African Americans. He said he was angry at the police’s famous crime.

He was involuntarily imprisoned a month after the shooting because he was walking in the street with a strong rifle that had only a boxer. Miller was frustrated at having a PTSD due to increased tearing and irritability, and went to Veterans Medical Center several times in May 2017. Miller moved to VA for help, dismissed, said neuropsychologist Robert Cohen, four days before the clinic.

Prosecutor Ryan Williams admitted that Miller was concerned about his family and was being treated by Virginia, but canceled the appointment and refused to take the drug.

“It’s worth noting that we’re responsible for all the mistakes we saw after Miller’s service was over,” Williams said. “It was always someone else’s mistake.”

Secretary of Defense Rosanne Eckert proved that Miller was a loving father and son with an excellent military career, but very sensitive pain made him nervous about the man’s illness.

“There is no doubt that Glenn Miller was out of breath this summer,” she said.

Baxter worked with the Kissimmee Police Station for three years when he died. In 2017 he survived the detective Sadia Baxter and four girls aged 7 months to 7 years.

Howard was a former US Army soldier and worked for the police for 10 years. He left his wife and a child.




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