Twitter is full of praise for the song and the graphics after Disney’s sequel “Frozen”

Twitter is full of praise for the song and the graphics after Disney's sequel "Frozen"
source : Radio times

It’s been more than six years since the movie “The Frozen” appeared in the theater, but at least it’s undeniable I’ve heard the song “Let It Go”. Because children’s films were a staple food, parents around the world may have seen movies or listened to a billion songs. Even young people could not wait long without hearing the film’s legendary title or rummaging through the shop’s shelves with Olaf’s smile.

The continuation of this film comes with the same enthusiasm for the theater, as it was shown by the audience, as the audience was equally enthusiastic about the first movie.

But in this episode, will the new question be whether films can meet people’s expectations? Is the sequel as well as the first movie “Frozen” about song and collaboration? However, given the reactions, we can conclude that the next part is just as good.

Some say that Frozen 2 is better than the work published in 2013.

Not everyone has full respect for the film, but even the worst reaction was not rude and bad enough to admire some aspects of the film.

Even if the first movie judges one thing or another, you may not know it, unless you watch the second movie a million times.

Fans also think that there is a sequel to the movie “Frozen”. It can also have a third part. However, since I knew about the first movie for six years, the sequel six years later, I could not comment on that !!


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