Todd Phillips reveals the true ending of Sophie’s character with Joker

Todd Phillips reveals the true ending of Sophie's character with Joker
Source: GeekTyrant

Now that the fans have seen the movie Joker, they are pretty confused about the end. This post may contain spoilers that you do not want to encounter if you have not seen the movie yet and intend to see it soon.

After a while, the director of the movie “Joker” finally revealed the answer to whether a particular character lives in the movie or is dead.

A very important act of the film Joker was a very important relationship between the protagonist of Play Arthur (Joker) and his neighbor Sophie. Arthur and Sophie fall in love with each other while the movie drives your heart in a romantic direction. But to be honest, the couple’s relationship was completely obvious. Yes, that is, they did not have the right thing together.

This is used in notifications when Arthur visits Sophie’s apartment, and she is very careful because she was not involved in real life

Then the movie shows us that Arthur is walking down the aisle, and here comes exactly the same question she was killed or still alive. Now one of the filmmakers, Phillips, confirmed that Arthur did not kill Sophie.

Philips shares the information that Arthur will definitely not kill Sophie. He says he really likes the idea that the audience ends up with a litmus test that says “how crazy he is”.

Most of the people who talked to Philip thought that Arthur did not kill Sophie because Arthur only started killing those who hurt him, and in the movie Arthur kept her and he was a villain, he followed a certain code.


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