People like to see miracles in the theater and see DC at home, reports a new study

People like to see miracles in the theater and see DC at home, reports a new study
Source: We Got This Covered

Going to the movies in the theater is as popular as getting dressed, ordering food and sitting comfortably. There are certain scenarios. Soon, however, people watched movies at home instead of going to the movies. It’s much easier to watch a movie at home, and that’s just what it can be.

In the past, people had to wait until the release of the film was allowed at home. However, lately it’s not uncommon for movies to skip the theatrical experience and go straight to online streaming services. Martin Scorsese can claim that Marvel films are destroying cinemas. However, the Irishman’s latest video has a minimal cinematic release before it is available for streaming purposes on Netflix.

And after an in-depth review of the new franchise, movie fans will find that they are not expected to see DC movies in the theater, but movies released by the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Fix conducted a poll among movie lovers, but there were about 1,000 people who said that 75% would rather go to a movie at home than in the movies.

An interesting part of this study also reveals that it is the lifelong debate between Marvel and DC, and research shows that 66% of percentiles prefer to watch Marvel films at home. That’s because 73% of people watch DC movies at home.

We all know that Avengers: Endgame is a movie that has released all 20 Marvel-released films, has the most cost-effective movie spot, and that theatrical performance is just a movie. Theater is seen as a home, but DC has been down to this year’s “Joker.” Film never did much of the blockbuster theater work.


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