Outraged Author Guarantees Fans of Justice for Justice

Outraged Author Guarantees Fans of Justice for Justice
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From the day Fast And Furious released the Fast And Furious series, the fans have seen many characters, but the character who occupies a special place is the Han of Sung Kang. This popular character was first introduced in Tokyo Drift and killed in Act 3 of the film. Later it was confirmed with later credits that Jason Stathams Deckard had killed Shaw Han and paved the way for Vin Diesels Dominic Toret.

Since Hans Tod’s the show was also a franchise protagonist and co-director of the movie Hobbes & Show, but this heroism impressed the fans when he received the news that he had killed his favorite character. Han killed Justice for Han ‘you’ I did not start ignoring it.

The franchise was very quiet about Hans’s murder case, which was requested by fans and the media. However, ComicBook.com recently suggested that Justice for Han could be found if they had talks with franchise producer and producer Chris Morgan prior to the release of Hobbes & Show Blu-ray. I did it.

When Morgan was asked about Han, he said he was a big fan of this character, even Son Kang, and he loved the character as much as he loved the fan. He said the film bowed a lot during the class and knew exactly what they would have to pay. He made sure everyone was in line with all the characters, and indeed justice was found for Han.

In Morgan’s words, several works find Hans right and hope to get public news with the release of Fast And Furious 9.


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