Joaquin Phoenix “Joker” launches the Oscar campaign. What is your chance to win?

Joaquin Phoenix "Joker" launches the Oscar campaign. What is your chance to win?
Source: Hollywood Reporter

We all know that Joker is the winner of the first award-winning session this year, so everyone asks only one question. Are you going to win the Oscar?

Joaquin Phoenix’s comic drama has always puzzled people because they can not see what they expected and better and better versions. The critical reaction was all the more surprising when the “Joker” appeared in the theater this month, but of course the union won. The film is expected to raise more than $ 300 million domestically when it sets a record for the opening weekend in October.

This is a shocking sum for character studies that have removed the action scenes and sense of humor from the latest comic stories, but the Joker will soon spend all the money. Warner Bros hopes the film with Black Panther and The Dark Knight will be a rare comic book in Oscar.

This film has been nominated three times by the 44-year-old Phoenix and is often referred to as the best actor of his generation. I think he won, so the best shot in the race of the best actor. Do you have at least an Oscar? If the voter finally chooses him, Phoenix can be a great leader.

His performance as a sad man who later makes a fierce turn is also the favorite of Oscar voters. Phoenix loses over 50 pounds to play the joker, and director Todd Phillips shoots the actor in many shirtless ways and can never be forgotten.

All of this can give Phoenix a very strong advantage. But it’s not the scene that Oscar voters know, and a 35-year-old Adam rider has built a career like this. Some people have already held him for the next Joaquin Phoenix Two actual Joaquin Phoenix riding.


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