Jared Leto’s “Morbius” appears in Marvel’s reboot of “Blade”

Jared Leto's "Morbius" appears in Marvel's reboot of "Blade"
Source: We Got This Covered

The second entry of Sony’s Marvel character will land in the form of Morbius next summer. First released, I wanted to work with Tom Hardy’s Venom for a while. But when Sony and Disney negotiated a new terminology, things have changed significantly in recent months. The MCU crossover is now theoretically on the map.

As the fans know, Tom Holland can appear as a Sony movie Spider-Man. The opposite is also the case, and I hear that Sony characters can also appear on the MCU.
Sources also report that a green lantern show is taking place and that Bill Murray is back at Ghostbusters 3. Both are confirmed. Marvel is dedicated to Morbius, who will later appear in the franchise, and is likely considering using it in a blow-up or Midnight Sons project.

American actor Mahashara Ali has been confirmed to be braiding in a new movie this summer, but the release date has not yet been attributed to production. Michael Morbius feels at home in a movie that introduces the MCU to the occult world for the first time, with Dracula playing the lead role.

It has been reported that Midnight Sands films could feature characters such as Blade, Moon Night, Ghost Rider, and John Burnsall’s Punisher. Leto Morbius fits these anti-heroes with R rating.

Morbius laid the foundation for Dutch and J.K. Comeo and MCU crossovers in the 2020s. PS: John Jonah Jameson thought it was on the map. Let it happen, and hope Venom has a similar impact on box office revenues, so both studios can follow the character’s big plans.


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