Is there a continuation of Joker? What Joaquin Phoenix says

Is there a continuation of Joker? What Joaquin Phoenix says
Source: ScreenGeek

Joaquin Phoenix says he has never been a sequel to the film since he was eight and returns to the beloved actor who starred in Joker. He never thought that “Joker” would offer him a sequel.

Joker is a Todd Philips movie conceived as a standalone story and exists in every conceivable way except the DC Cinematic Universe. This is probably a rough and unusual interpretation of the most popular villain origins in the comic world.

Phoenix said in an interview with the cover’s upcoming cover story that he speculated that he was often required to do things he did not really care about or that did inspire. He shared the part of his charm that he played as a joker that was not expected. Besides, he did not sign to do an extra movie. It was only once.

The film, however, has moved into an office in just one month, has earned almost $ 870 million to date and has set the record for the highest-earning R-rate movie. The situation has changed fundamentally. , Turning the Heart of Warner Bros. Drivers As troubled cabaret played in the movie, SuperDooer Phoenix got him into an Oscar race, claiming that Philip and he would not follow the Hollywood logic. He said he obviously would not move on because the first movie was successful. He says it’s absolutely ridiculous.

That does not mean that Joaquin is against a sequel. In fact, he shared what he and Philip thought about the idea of ​​continuing to tarnish the mind while watching Joker.


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