Did Ant-Man 3 play Fantastic 4 in the movie? Here are some ideas

Did Ant-Man 3 play Fantastic 4 in the movie? Here are some ideas
Source: Comic Book

Well, the third article that was sent to us seems a bit difficult at first. But now we are sure that this movie will happen, all! Peyton Reed sends again! Now that the fox of the 20th century is within reach, fans are wondering if Marvel objects will appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Many fan theories have been adopted about the use of Antman’s Quantum Realm to launch Fantastic Four. There is a theory that says Fantastic Four and Kansai Concolor are featured in the third movie.

Reddit users have released that Kang The Conqueror could be another big villain from Marvel Cinematic Universe. He suggests following the same plan for this great evil.

Father Lead is interested in introducing and guiding Fantastic Four. He said Fantastic Four is the true crown of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They are Marvel’s first family. He believes that the Fantastic Four version has not yet been shown in the film. He is truly excited. How he can satisfy Fantastic Four with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Despite the launch of Fantastic Four, fans want it to happen. Fans are also worried about X-Men. However, if you look at about 10 of his films, you’ll find that all the endings are pretty confusing.


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