DC Joker will soon reach another big box office! What is here?

DC Joker will soon reach another big box office! What is here?
Source: Metro

Now there is another report that says the film “Joker”, which was shown in the cinema last month, has reached a milestone in box office revenue. The movie turns into a mini-cash machine that runs after a week of cash and does not seem to stop immediately.

With so many viewers around the world, there’s only one question left in the fans mind. The film is expected to earn $ 900 million by the end of this weekend. And that is very nice. Because the movie was only in the theater for a month!

Todd Phillips shot this film for about $ 550-70 million with no marketing costs, but in the past he and all crew efforts have already earned the medal. With the release in October, we started breaking records. It is now an R-rate movie with the highest sales ever. The fans hope that Joaquin Phoenix will receive at least one Oscar nomination, if not an absolute victory.

Forbes expects Joker to spend $ 291 million and $ 600 million in gross domestic income of Man Of Steel at an international non-China business location this weekend. Joker is Spider-Man: Homecoming is said to be over $ 880 million, and three Spider-Man’s are said to have totaled over $ 890 million.

The fans are very surprised to see the movie Joker. Everything is the same. What’s next People are not sure, but they have speculated that Dark Dark Knight’s $ 10.4 million record could rebel when the Joker reaches this big milestone. Of course I can not believe it.


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