“Crazy Rich Asian” star Henry Golding makes fun of his biggest movie! What is here?

"Crazy Rich Asian" star Henry Golding makes fun of his biggest movie! What is here?
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Henry Golding was once a hairdresser, but became the cash register for crazy rich Asians. And now he wants to further improve his position in the film industry as a producer.

But the “Crazy Rich Asian” star tells about his role in the movie. Kritisi asked him if he was Asian enough to play a role. Since his father is from England and his mother from Malaysia, Golding is half English and Malay.

Golding said he spent his entire life wrestling with half of British and Malaysian identity. He said that one of the things he learned very young was having his identity. And he knows he is Asian, and there is nothing to prove. He also said that he does not embarrass or hurt her if he keeps asking her questions. The best way to fight that kind of thing is to open a dialogue, and I said that.

Henry Golding’s acting career begins shortly after Crazy Rich Asians, but he also faces challenges with his wife Liv Law. Rather than filming a film, it was not the fact that I had to travel around the world, but the fact that my wife suffered a lot because I knew I had to fall in love with him. He said it was so strange to do voyeurism and see someone who cheated on you. Looks really good.

But he confirmed that he and his wife could overcome the situation and solve the problem. Therefore, I hope that, despite the small problems that Henry Golding faces, it will continue to do so.


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