Why Barcelona should dismiss Ernesto Valverde immediately

Why Barcelona should dismiss Ernesto Valverde immediately
Source: Hindustan Times

Why Barcelona should dismiss Ernesto Valverde immediately

Barcelona has been a disaster for the past four seasons. In the last two seasons, they have even won the double home form. But he is not in his position, and he wrestles at European competitions because his manager does not do his job responsibly.

Ernesto Valverde won a double at home and is about to catch. However, this is not a priority for FC Barcelona as they want to win the UEFA Champions League. So if you’re going to win the coveted trophy, you must hand Ernesto Valverde as soon as possible.

Excessive defensive measures

Ernesto Valverde is the kind of manager who defends preference attacks, which is why Bar بار a did not win the UCL. As in the previous season, Liverpool won despite three goals in the final. He has his defense instructions and thought of the attack only in the last 10 minutes of the game. It happened twice.

Turn the troop

Ernesto Valverde faces a significant problem with the squad’s rotation. He never believes it, so the team becomes increasingly dependent on Messi, which gives the team a considerable loss. Players are tired of playing meaningful games, but this time they rest for the game, but this is not enough to win the game.

Destroyed players

This is one of the main reasons why some players like Cotonou, Dennis Suarez, and Malcolm still have to evolve. After Coutinho’s transfer, he plays in an unnatural position, he plays in the middle, but under Valverde, he plays on the wing. As a result, he is out of shape several times and does not meet the expectations of the fans. Could not escape Malcolm did not have much time, and so did Dennis Sawyer, who left the clinic and left his arms. If they have time to play, these players will be given less attention.

That’s why it’s now essential to bring Barcelona on board with a new boss who attacks mentality and tactics.


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