Thirteen reasons why: Who is the most popular character of all time?

Thirteen reasons why: Who is the most popular character of all time?
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Thirteen reasons why: Who is the most popular character of all time?

The Top 13 Reasons Why Brian Yorkie Made a US-American Web TV Series with Juvenile Drama for Netflix (Jay Asher, 13 Reasons for 2007).

In the early releases of the first and second season, the popularity was very high. The second season reached an average of 6.08 million viewers in the US in the first three days after its release. Is.

Even after a year of the second season, he has many fans, and with its different characters, the question always arises, who is the best.

Here are the best characters of all time.

Hannah Baker – (Catherine Langford) The 13 leading roles in this series are due to the part of a high school girl exposed to bullying and abuse and who has taken her own life. She is the most sympathetic figure in the SS.

Justin Foley – Justin Foley is one of the main characters in 13 reasons. He is the son of Jessica Davis and Kate’s ex-boyfriend Amber Foley and attends Liberty High School. He also appears in two different bands, for the first and ninth reason that Hannah Baker committed suicide.

Clay Jensen Callaway is a junior at Liberty High and was a close friend of a recently deceased classmate and girlfriend, Hannah Baker. The first season was dedicated to Hannah Baker with Clay Jensen and her time with Hannah when she was still alive. Before her suicide, Hannah Baker suffered several cassettes because she felt her hands were full at her death.

Alex Standal – Alex ends his friendship with the “popular” audience at school. He wants to fit into the crowd and makes a “hot if not” list with Jessica to avenge the separation. Throughout the season, he also feels guilty about his own actions and suicidal.

Zach Dempsey Zach Karen is the son of Dempsey and George Dempsey, the brother of Mae Dempsey and the former friend of Hannah Baker. This is the seventh volume on the list of why he killed himself for Hannah.


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