Four reasons why Takashi 6ix9ine is the most hated hate-rapper?

Four reasons why Takashi 6ix9ine is the most hated hate-rapper?

Four reasons why Takashi 6ix9ine is the most hated hate-rapper?

Perhaps you have heard the name of Takashi 6ix9ine, the American rapper known for his aggressive style and his raid style and unusual actions. The 22-year-old rapper and Instagram star has more than 15 million followers on Instagram and has long been a hotbed of her songs.

Daniel Hernandez, aka Takashi 6ix9ine, became known in late 2017 after releasing his first single “Gumo.” The song became a national hit and reached number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100. Later, he took third place with his only rapper colleagues Nicky Minaj and Murda Bates Hot 100, and acted as the lead single on his debut album. , Dummy Boy (2018). Here’s why he’s one of the most hated:

On 1 February 2015, he was charged with three charges of misdemeanor

In 2015, he contacted a 13-year-old girl and later distributed videos of the incident online as part of a music video. Hernández faces a count of aggravated sexual abuse by a child. Then, in an interview in 2017, the rapper said he had no sexual contact with the girl and denied being a minor. Before being charged with sexual abuse, Hernandez was jailed as a juvenile for assault and heroin sales.

# 2 He has committed a crime of nine prosecutors

On February 1, 2019, Takashi pleaded guilty to nine charges that could lead to a 47-year prison sentence. The rapper, who had escaped from prison, later agreed to testify in police investigations against fellow police officers.

# 3 He is brutal

On July 12, 2018, Hernandez was arrested in New York for a reasonable arrest warrant for an incident in which he allegedly strangled a 16-year-old boy at the Galleria Mall in Houston on January 16, 2018. Finally, all prosecutors were released after the teenager decided to take legal action.

# 4 She’s probably a gang member

Hernandez was charged with RICO and federal firearms, including conspiracy to commit murder and gun-robbing, and threatens life in prison. He is probably part of a “bloodthirsty cult,” known as the Neo-Gangster.


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