Do you wonder how stupid Rick and Morty can be? look at that

Do you wonder how stupid Rick and Morty can be? look at that
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Do you wonder how stupid Rick and Morty can be? look at that

Here’s Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 6 “Rack Medicine # 9”. He proved that the show was not afraid to take it seriously in the dark. The premise behind Rick & Morty makes it sound like a children’s show. In the show, a boy named Morty started an adventure through the universe. He goes with his talented grandfather Rick. This series is anything but child friends. However, being an addict is an addict that endangers yourself, your grandchildren, and your family in addition to severe emotional trauma for her.

However, the show combines some exciting science fiction concepts. It’s a black comedy and bloody action. Which is the best basis for Rick & Morty? These include the title couple and the rest of the family, including the punished husband and wife Jerry and Beth, and older sister Summer. Stories are often strange and crazy. But there is a recognizable person and a mistake in the family that makes her unusual.

Also, the first season of Rick & Morty offers fast-paced characters and comedy formulas. But the only thing that can be predicted about this show is how unexpected it was. Case Rock and Morty Season 1 Episode 6 will be “Rack Medicine # 9”. Here, Rick Morty gave a drug that would make Jessica a girl from her school. Of course, these backfires are fantastic.

Also, the drugs are influenced by the flu of Jessica. That she does not just love Morti. The influenza bacteria create a virus in which all the planets fall in love. Rick’s attempt to repair the results within minutes creates a race for the humans. Her last effort was to call the large, physical lump of “Kronenberg.” In honor of the famous director of body horror movies like The Videodrome and The Fly. This apocalyptic event has the added benefit of uniting Beth and Jerry. The latter is ready to rescue his wife by blowing creatures.

Rock and Morty Season 1 Episode 6, however, is a fun, fast-paced episode. But the last scenes showed how the show could remove the black. Rick mentions that he has a way to repair the seemingly hopeless mess. Then cut a scene where everyone is back to normal, and Morty praised the Ricks solution.

Suddenly the two died in a terrible accident. From the Kronenberg world to the portal only for records and customs. Rick explained that this led to an alternative reality where another version of herself solved the problem but died so that she could only replace herself.


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