Barcelona has to do something to win UCL next year.

Barcelona has to do something to win UCL next year.
Source: AP News

Barcelona has to do something to win UCL next year.

Barcelona has almost reached its goals as it has already won the league and will play in the final of the Copa del Rey. Nevertheless, his season is again a failure, as he can not bring the coveted UCL trophy to Camp Nou.

Many factors need to be addressed that need to be corrected as soon as possible. Otherwise, this will happen again. Barcelona needed a lot of work to bring UCL home.

Buried Ernesto Valverde

The real problem is poor management. Barcelona did not manage to score three goals last year and not this year either. It’s only the corrupt tactics of the Barcelona Cavaliers that he prefers defensive football before it even comes into play. As a result, Liverpool reached the top of the high-pressure press and punished Barcelona with four goals in midfield and throughout the game.

Unload players

Barcelona must lose some players so that they can concentrate on the youth and create many opportunities. The team of Barcelona has a more than 30-year-old central unit that can only be used as experience. But when it comes to transitions, these players have failed miserably. Therefore, the squad must be thoroughly reviewed if they want something more significant.

Appoint a world-class manager

The real problem is team management. In the last two seasons have been the same mistakes and so far not resolved. Ernesto Valverde is a defensive manager, while the philosophy of Barcelona is a ball possession attack. Therefore, a new manager must be appointed to solve all his problems. The roles of some players are far from complete and should be fixed at their preferred positions.


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