PWD vs. T-Series: When and how did this war begin?

PWD vs. T-Series: When and how did this war begin?
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PWD vs. T-Series: When and how did this war begin?

PWDP vs. T Series is one of two YouTube channels for which Felix Kjellberg is responsible, and the Indian record label T Series (a Bhushan Kumar-owned company). Online competition. The T Series honors the most-watched channel since the beginning of 2017, and PewDepee was the most subscribed channel since 2013. Now the T Series has temporarily acquired the PWDP 2019 on several occasions, and on March 27, 2019, it was run five times in a row days before the PWDP. The most subscribed channel took the lead.

After that, the PWDP took the lead for two weeks before returning the T-Series to YouTube as the most subscribed channel. As of April 30, 2019, the T-Series remained the top-selling channel on YouTube, with more than 1.3 million users ahead. On April 28, PewDP released a video requesting its supporters to end their efforts to claim the station as the highest-paid broadcaster and now gaining prominence in the T Series. In general, the fight for consumers is slower. Nevertheless, a patch remains to reach the first 100 million subscribers.

The sequel began in 2017 when the T-Series introduced PwDP in the subscriber count, but again the PWP won the race and took the lead, and the takeover and fights were renewed in 2019, as both channels. The PDP joined on March 13, 2006, and the PWD on April 29, 2010. Then came a time when both channels were volatile due to a lack of channels. 1 in subscribers, but today the difference is more than 1 million. T series with 68,422,868,694 views and PewDiPie 21,24,374,833 pictures.


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