How can you enjoy the best of dramatic Belfast?


Brilliant breweries, culinary delights and the Titanic Quarter: Soak up the best of dramatic Belfast

  • Belfast has enjoyed a tourism boom thanks to its links to Game Of Thrones
  • The Titanic Belfast Museum is a popular attraction – tickets start from £ 19
  • Visit one of & # 39; Ireland's oldest breweries at & # 39; a Hidden Brewery Bike Tour

Every week, our Holiday Hero Neil Simpson takes an in-depth look at a brilliant holiday theme, and does all the legwork, you don't have to. This week he explores the best of Belfast, which has enjoyed a tourist boom thanks to its links to Game Of Thrones.

The latest episode of & # 39; The Morning of Game Of Thrones features Belfast and the surrounding area – where & # 39; s a lot of & # 39; the action over eight series has been filmed – brought back into the spotlight.

Although the Game Of Thrones Studio Tour at Linen Mill doesn't open until next spring, there are plenty of other events to attract visitors.

Rich History: Tickets for the Titanic Belfast museum (above) start at £ 19


Belfast has a surprising number of well-preserved Victorian gin palaces. Tour them (and enjoy free tastings) on a three-hour Gin Jaunt with an expert. At £ 63 per person, it's not cheap, but it often sells out, so book early (

Add a bike, some country and craft beer to your day with the Hidden Brewery Bike Tour. After seeing the best of Belfast, head out of town (along flat roads with many stops) to one of Ireland's oldest independent breweries for free samples. It costs £ 50 including lunch (

Local tips: Fancy a drink, but don't have time for a tour? Locals recommend the historic The Crown Liquor Saloon of & # 39; city, one of & # 39; a few pubs that are owned by the National Trust.


In 1971, Led Zeppelin appeared in the Ulster Hall of Belfast and performed Stairway To Heaven for the first time. Hear the story, and the legendary song, on the Belfast Music Tour, a £ 8 tour with guidance that includes the history of local stars from Van Morrison to flautist James Galway. Book your tickets at

For more traditional sounds, join two musicians who won't lead you to three historical locations with live Irish music. The three-hour tour starts at 4pm and tickets cost £ 15 from

Local tips: Go to one of & # 39; oldest buildings of & # 39; city, pub The Dirty Onion to enjoy music at your own pace. It is a former bonded spirit warehouse from 1780 and bands play there every night.


For free trial with laughter on & # 39; s side, visit a & # 39; theatrical food tour & # 39; with an actor playing Chef Barney, the fictional and funny Titanic chef who's probably been thawed in a iceberg for 100 years and decided to ban a first class banquet to make his old ship. Book Belfast Broad Tours for £ 22 at


All on board! View the Titanic Quarter of & # 39; City Out of the Water with the Lagan Boat Company

All on board! See the Titanic Quarter of & # 39; City Out of the Water with the Lagan Boat Company

The major attraction of the city is the Titanic. Tickets for the Titanic Belfast museum start at £ 19 from Alternatively, watch the Titanic Quarter of & # 39; City out of the water with the Lagan Boat Company (£ 12, Dealers will point out important Titanic sites, plus surprises, such as a huge sailing colony on nearby rocks.

Local tips: On dry land, local residents suggest a look at the Titanic Hotel, the former Harland & Wolff Drawing Office with the original telephone exchange that didn't take the call about the ship's fate in 1912.


The story of The Troubles is told in the strongly-named and increasingly popular A History Of Terror tour, which now runs twice a day. Guides explain the troubled recent past of the city and the reconciliation that it continues to transform. Tickets cost £ 18 from

  • Get information on attractions in Belfast and beyond at


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