Billy Joe Saunders easily wins the vacant WBO super middleweight title


Billy Joe Saunders wins the vacant WBO super middleweight title comfortably by unanimous decision against Shefat Isufi in Stevenage

  • Billie Joe Saunders came out to the ring for the attack with Tyson Fury behind him
  • The Englishman won each of the early rounds comfortably against his opponent
  • Isufi finally got a good punch in & # 39; the sixth, currently rocking Saunders

Billy Joe Saunders set a first-half masterclass on a Hertfordshire football ground to set himself up as a two-weight world champion.

He then danced his WBO world victory to super-middleweight title over Shefst Isufi in the manner of a team top team that does not protect his leadership.

Part one was a brilliant exhibition of ring work, quite beautiful to see. Then, after stabbing just over half, he used his incredible defensive boxing skills to make sure to add this belt to his former world middleweight.

Billie Joe Saunders coasts his way to the WBO super middleweight title against Shefat Isufi

Billie Joe Saunders was at the top from the start, barely putting a foot wrong in the 12th round

Isufi landed in the sixth one good punch, but other than that it just sailed for the British

The mood ranged from thrilling to his fellow travelers in a crowd of several thousands in the small Stevenage FC stadium near his home, to thoughtful appreciation and polite applause.

It was thoroughly prized, but not limited to the knock-out performance against an opponent that some bookmakers handed Isufi at 100-1 against becoming the first Albanian-born world champion.

The Sun had set behind the West Stand of a Division Two League club before Saunders made his entrance.

The night air was cool, but the atmosphere caught up with a few thousand of & # 39; local followers of Billy Joe & # 39; It was that Saunders got off to a quick start, and Isufi peppered with combinations as sharp as the night sky.

Billy Joe Saunders was at his usual showboating best for most of Saturday's rounds

Billy Joe Saunders was at his usual showboating best for most of Saturday's rounds

Billie Joe Saunders throws a right hand to his opponent Shefat Isufi at the Lamex Stadium

Saunders Thurber on & # 39; e booster in & # 39; a second, pounding box of incomplete opponent even deeper into his defensive shell.

So the end-of-the-road traffic continued with Saunders in such a command that he turned his now-familiar trick of Isufi's rare and off-target punches toward the amused crowd like a traffic coach on point duty.

Isufi was more a target than a trailer. That it came as a seismic shock when Saunders was in the sixth. Isufi defeated a bruise from a left heel and the legs of the Saunders bellowed alarmingly.

Billie Joe Saunders performance means he is now a world champion in two weight categories

Billie Joe Saunders performance means he is now a world champion in two weight categories

He desperately held on as Isufi went for an unexpected finish. Then he spent the rest of the round dancing, bobbing and weaving his way out of trouble and to recovery of his senses.

Normal service was more or less restored in the seventh, but Saunders was now more respectful. He continued to pile up the points, but in a warmer way and with the crowd equally concealed.

The judges scored it for Saunders 120-108, 117-111 and 118-110. I gave Isufi only the sixth round on a 119-109 card. It could hardly have been more unanimous.




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