Mauricio Pochettino warns Tottenham he will walk away


Mauricio Pochettino warns Tottenham that he will step down if club does not match his ambition

  • Mauricio Pochettino wants Tottenham bout to move on to the Champions League
  • He is willing to quit if he does not believe they are serious about future planning
  • The Spurs manager will talk about his future with President Daniel Levy next month

Mauricio Pochettino is ready to leave Tottenham if he does not believe the club is serious about building on this glorious run of this season following the Champions League final.

Asked if he was open to leaving Spurs or taking a sabbatical, Pochettino replied: & # 39; I'm open to everything. Of course I love working, I love Tottenham, I love being here every day. I enjoy it a lot. & # 39;

Spurs reserved their place in the Madrid showpiece, where they face Liverpool on June 1, with Wednesday's miraculous comeback against Ajax.

Mauricio Pochettino wants to build Tottenham on their run to the Champions League final

Mauricio Pochettino reports that a huge multi-million pound contract has joined Juventus

He is prepared to quit if he does not believe Spurs are serious about their future planning

& # 39; Our effort was massive and my motivation is to be here and work hard, to try to achieve everything the club wants to achieve, & # 39; said Pochettino.

& # 39; But the problem is, I need to know what we should achieve or what we will fight for. That's the most important thing. & # 39;

Prior to the match, Pochettino said if his side lifted the trophy in Madrid, he could close the # 5 chapter and go home.

Pochettino will discuss his future with President Daniel Levy next month. & # 39; I'm not open to starting a new chapter with no plan, no clear idea, not being transparent, telling you and telling our fans what's next, what's our purpose, & # 39; he said.

Pochettino has led Spurs to the Champions League final, but has threatened to leave

Spurs booked their place in Madrid's showpiece with Liverpool by defeating Ajax

Pochettino is set to discuss his future with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy next month

Pochettino is set to discuss his future with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy next month

& # 39; As we expect every season in & # 39; the Champions League final will, we need to make a plan. And the plan may be different from what happened in the last five years.

& # 39; And if we believe we can operate in the same way as in & # 39; the last five years and that we will be in the & # 39; final of & # 39; e Champions League, and we will be in the top four every season and compete against Liverpool or Manchester City or Manchester United, I think we are very naive.

& # 39; In five years, we've achieved a lot of things. But now that's what's next, that's my point. & # 39;




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